Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am TRYING to build up your self-esteem

Re: crossword puzzles

Joel:...I just wish I were better at them.

Me: You're quite good at them.

Joel: I'm awful at them.

Me: You're surprisingly good for a science major.

Joel:...That's like saying, For a guy in a wheelchair, you do a surprisingly good pole vault.


Robyn Bishop said...

see? Joel IS witty... for a med school student!
Also, hello from Korea!

Rebekah said...

At least Joel knows how to use his words and doesn't scream when he wants something.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.
How could a guy in a wheelchair be good at pole vaulting?

I'm kidding.

leah said...

well, he cant be good at everything! he'll make the rest of us look bad

Mani said...

I am confused
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