Saturday, March 14, 2009

In which I forget the punchline.

Since everyone on the island listens exclusively to CCR and Sarah McLaughlin, Joel and I have resorted to internet radio, which is actually kind of awesome. Since YahooRadio refused to honor its 'Never Play Again' button, we've switched to aol radio, which has way better categories anyways.

Do I feel like hearing Bed of Roses every half hour? Rock Ballads it is.

Do I only want to listen to Dave Matthews ALL DAY? They have a channel for that.

They also have a channel for Rock Cover Songs, which is all I can listen to these days. Johnny Cash covering NIN songs, Social Distortion covering Johnny Cash songs, myriads of rock bands remaking Britney Spears songs, and a version of I Kissed A Girl that wasn't completely wretched (side rant: if I ever ran into Katie Perry in real life, I would punch her dead in the face. This is not a euphemism for me saying something cutting about how she tries too hard and how she's the poor man's Lily Allen and how the video of her falling all over herself cheers me up when I'm blue [although I would probably say all these things, too], but I would actually punch her in the face. And then she would slice me open with one of her stilettos, and I would have to get stitches and probably couldn't even sue her because I'd started it, but it'd be worth it).

What was I talking about? Cover songs. I totally had a point when I started this post, but Katie Perry ruins everything.

::thought-train derailed::


Jane said...

Miss you...

leah said...

hahaa!! i love it when you talk about kp! anyhoo..vancouver has a new radio station that is rad. "" on your interweb. check it out. loves!