Thursday, March 05, 2009

This will eventually lead to very low self-esteem

Hey, check-a me out! I say stuff.

Also, remember how last semester I would bus out to Burnaby every Wednesday, hit the Walmart hard, watch America's Next Top Model with my sisters-in-law and several bottles of wine, drunk-transit home with my groceries, and then take a semi-sober quiz online for my lame linguistics class?

How things have changed. Now on Wednesdays I go play squash at school, swing by the house to pick up some edibles, whip up dinner for some of Joel's classmates in exchange for their cable and company, and then we all watch Top Model and freely criticize taller, thinner bodies than ours, and make fun of the girl with the epilepsy.

Tyra Banks is my only constant in life.

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leah said...

i liked the burnaby way best