Monday, March 09, 2009

More Things at Which I Suck, Vol. 229

You may recall that I suck at things, like running errands or giving blood. I am also bad at watching movies (as is Joel, by proxy).

Par example, a few months ago Joel and I wanted to watch Get Smart (online, because we're cheap like that), so we went to his favorite illegal-doings site and downloaded, not Get Smart, but Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control. Which, ok, was kind of hilarious. Some weeks ago, we finally got around to watching Get Smart, but the website only lets you watch 70 minutes or so at a time, so we had to watch in installments. Maddening.

Two weekends ago we went to a James Bond double-header, which was unfortunate in myriad ways. Casino Royale was first, which a) is the better one and b) I've already seen, so I could have slept through it with impunity. Quantum of Solace was, as I'm sure you're aware, much less good, and therefore harder to watch after three-odd hours of theater-movie-watching (you're kind of cold, your ass hurts, you can't get horizontal enough, there's nowhere to put your feet, and the guy next to you smells TERRIBLE). Also, we'd snuck in some Fuze Green Tea Healthy Infusion, which we'd bought on sale for cheap. Because it tastes like horse and sidewalk.

Last weekend we watched The Happening which has Marky Mark wearing a mood ring, saying 'duh,' and married to Zooey Deschanel like he's trying to pretend he's not pushing 40. Also, the movie resolves in much the same way War of the Worlds did, in that it doesn't resolve at all. It will freak your shit out in parts, though, and I would not have watched it had it not been broad daylight.

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