Friday, April 24, 2009

Anatomy of a berfday

So I got up and went to the gym, because berfday or no I still have to run ten K's on Sunday, and a fatter me = brokener knees.

But Joel brought me these! I have got to look into getting a real vase so I can stop putting my flowers in that fancy glass I jacked from Red Robin. So yay.

And then I studied Chaucer for eleventy hours, because berfday or no, I still have to write an exam tomorrow. Booo.

But then one of our Perpetual-Bedroom-Ceiling-Spiders made the mistake of crawling onto a side-wall, and I killed it with Joel's moccasin *shhhh* and the other PBCS seems to have died of its own accord, so when I go to bed tonight I won't dream of leggggggs on my face. TRIUMPH!

And then the mail came and my berfday card wasn't in it, because berfday or no, CanadaPost is still run by monkeys a monopoly. Booooo.

But then the sun came out, and I made Chaucer come outside and hang out with me there. He is made of paper and only weighs thirty pounds, so I get to boss him around like this. Wheee!

And then Joel came home and we had to put on grown-up clothes and go to this...dinner...thing...for some project he's doing, because berfday or no, I am a doctor's wife.
But I didn't have to cook, so score one for me!
But whoever DID cook was a fish-happy moron, so I just had soup, except that the soup was clam chowder, so I just had salad and a biscuit because berfday or no, fishes are gross.
But then I went to bed and had exam-mares for the last time this semester....we'll call that one a draw.
Overall, I've had worse birthdays, but I've also had ones that didn't involve so much fish and Middle English. But Joel's going to take me whale-watching, so zoot zoot in the end.

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