Saturday, April 04, 2009

What I actually do all day

While I'm over here puzzling out representations of the polymorphous body in 16th century literature, you guys can all go check out my new hero. Now even the aurally-impaired can enjoy everyone's favorite crazy ex-Mouseketeer.

(September, this is mostly for you.)

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Anonymous said...

what? where did my comment just go? ok. retyping...

so, I haven't checked the link yet and before I even saw my name, I was all, "I hope she's talking about Britbrit! I just can't read about JT anymore. Who ditches Cameron Diaz anyways? And Brit! She's so lucky! She's a star..."

What I just did right there will be lost on you if you aren't as big of a fan as I know, she's in Edmonton tomorrow and Vancouver pretty soon as well and I'M NOT GOING!!! I mean, will I EVER HAVE THIS CHANCE AGAIN??? SOB. WAAAIL.

Happy Monday Raych, and I'm mostly joking when I say that because everyone knows MONDAYS SUCK BUTT.