Thursday, April 09, 2009

Robyn and Rachel have a Rumpus, part I

Hello chatzlings! As promised, Robyn came to visit and we had a rumpus. If we are FBF's, then you've probably seen photos and know that most of what we did was feed the bunns. But we did other things, and since all I'll be doing for the next 3 weeks is studying, I figure I'll spread our adventures out. Also, more posts = more pictures.

On Monday I went to school to look over my papers one last time before deciding that I didn't care any more and handing them in as-was. I may regret this when the marks roll in, but my brain was broken and my eyeballs felt like sand.

Robyn showed up around noon and we drove downtown to walk along the water and smell the waffles and generally remark on how beautiful Victoria is and what idiots the drivers are and how downtown doesn't look like a downtown at all, and why is this sign here?

We went into the Parliament Building, which was mostly full of perturbing signs and doors that said Do Not Enter. Also much Canadiana.

We checked out Russel Books and found this whole wall of General Fiction that I've never noticed before, distracted as I was by the OTHER wall of General Fiction on the other side of the store. Trust me to miss something this massive.

We snagged a bag of baby carrots and went to feed the UVic bunns (in a blatant flout of the many signs advising us not to). Things started slow, with a lone interested bunn, but pretty soon word got out and we were swarmed.

Excuse the darkness of photos. Dusk is prime bunn-time.

And then it got full-dark and then there were mosquitos and then we went home. Stay tuned tomorrow (or the next day! Or, you know, whenever) for the Day of Many Museums, or How to Make Elaborate Easter Treats, or something else!!!

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