Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two and counting

Two years ago today I woke up at six so that someone else could do my hair and make-up and my minions could pack my bags (you guys were such good minions) and I could go get hitched.

One year ago today we were living in Dave and Shari's basement in Abbotsford, going to fishing derbies and food fairs and not knowing if Joel had gotten into med school.

Then Joel graduated...

...and then became a dementor.

Just joking. That dementor part never happened. But he did get into med school, which was a huge relief to us all.

(You can't tell, but that paper says 'You got into med school and may proceed to feel awesome about it.)

Then we moved in with Joel's parents for a few days, and ate all their food and stored all our stuff in their spare room while we went to Mexico.

Then we moved to Mexico, where we ate many sketchy meats and exotic fruits and I turned out to be not as allergic to cats as I had always claimed.

And then Joel turned into Sub-Zero.

Ok, that didn't actually happen either, but we did get to watch a surgery.

And then we moved in with my parents for a few days and ate all their food and rummaged through the stuff we'd been storing in their garage, and threw a bunch of it out.

And then we moved in with an enormous cat in Vancouver.

I know, the picture quality on this one is terrible, but I need you to see how massive this cat is. Also, how tiny our bed was. Joel is not a small man.
Joel went to med school for a semester, and I did yet another semester of please-let-this-transfer.
Then we went for a bit of a ski.
Then we braved the Great Blizzard of New Years Day 2009 (a holdover from the Great Blizzard of Most of Christmas Break 2008) to move to Victoria, where it never snows and is always Christmas.

Now we live at Mile Zero, Beginning of the Known World. I have (almost) finished a full semester of Courses That Will All Apply To My Degree and Joel has (less almost) finished his second semester and first full year of med school. We are settling in and making friends and getting library cards and throwing lavish bbqs on our deck. Also, we have a deck.
It has been the longest year, and I mean that in the best way. Here's to longer, better ones to come.


Lisa said...

First, where do YOU sleep? Cause it's not in that little bed.

Second, that last picture is beautiful.

Aleta said...

That is so unbelievably sweet. My god, woman, you guys have a lot of fun. =)

Shari said...

Congrats on another year of marriage! Time sure does go by fast. We're going to miss the fishing derby and food shows this year. But most of all...we miss you both! We're so hoping that you can come for a visit in the near future. By the way, that is indeed one HUGE cat!