Monday, April 20, 2009

From my Outbox

Dear SparkNotes,

Thx for helping me pass more of my exams than I care to admit.

Luvvvvv, Raych

Dear Blog,

I have an exam this afternoon, but then I have a gap until the next one. I promise that somewhere in that gap, I will write you up the story of how Robyn and I visited many museums. There will be fotos.

Love Raych

Dear Facebook Profile,

I'm sorry I had to change you out of 'Pirate' and back to 'English,' but I had to create an event and I couldn't figure out what you were telling me to do. It is a measure of how long you've been piratized that I still think of events as 'grogfests' and am not entirely sure where to click to see my own profile.

Love Rrrrrrrrrrrrraych

1 comment:

Lisa said...

WAIT! My facebook account can be in PIRATE??