Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor weekend, so laborious.

I ran 8k, like a boss.  The Blackberry Run is actually 8.5k, but .5k of that is a hill, and running hills is for Fools.  A handful of girlfriends and I spent the weekend at the one girl's home on Denman Island, where the run is, and let her parents ply us with salmon from the ocean and green beans from the garden while we splashed in the lake.

I hadn't planned to run all 8 of the k's, but at every marker I continued to feel amazing so I kept running.  I was going to hang up my kicks after this race but instead I bought a new sports bra.

Half of Denman Island made muffins and chopped fruit for the end-of-race feed, and having been talking trash about vegan everything with Alicia the day before, I accidentally took one of the vegan muffins (I blame karma).  It was delicious, and I had to eat my words (and also another muffin).

And then on Monday we went to my aunt and uncle's new cabin, and by 'cabin' I mean 'nicer house than I will ever own.'  It sunned on us all day.

Georgie found a cousin-lover.

Dad is still aces at water-skiing.

We ate all the things, and many of the things were cheeses.  It was not the worst weekend of my life.

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