Thursday, March 01, 2012

Made possible by my cameraphone.

I've been doing the February Photo-a-Day challenge (you may recall). February is now over (you may have noticed). I round up my photos for you here. I may have missed a day or twelve.

Day 1 (your view today) and Day 2 (words) you have already seen, but for refresher's sake:


Day 3: Hands. Eleanor's hand, Gigi's hand. I won't say whose hand is trying to pull the pacifier out, but its the leetle one.

Day 4: A stranger. We don't see a lot of strangers, being largely house-bound, and taking photos of strangers is creepy. But being FED by DADDY? Nothing is stranger.

Day 6: Dinner. I have no clever commentary for this, it's just butter chicken.

Day 7: Button. BUTTON! That NOSE!

Day 8: Sun (Vancouver sun, or as it's known in other places, Not Quite Raining Yet Oh Look There It Goes)

Day 9: Front door. Ahem.

Day 11: Makes you happy. Going for walks in the park because we LIKE IT, not because we're trying to quell some infant rage.

Day 12: Inside your closet. Eleanor's closet is technically my closet, because I have to dress her, so here is the outfit she wore to her first Valentine's Day party.

Day 14: Heart (attack. Also, NOM).

And then we were sick and missed a lot of days.

Day 17: Time. FOUR GENERATIONS, one couch.

Day 18: Drink. I love the Keurig so hard I can't even.

Day 19: Something you hate to do. It's not even that I hate accidentally spilling cayenne all over my eggs (because really, how often do I even). It's more that I hate re-doing a thing I just did and was almost done doing.

Day 21: A fave photo of you. I am JOGGING like a MOFO.

Day 25: Green. G9! (I.e. cashew chicken at the Green Basil.)

Day 26: Night. Technically 4 am isn't 'night' so much as 'ugh, morning,' but it's dark so it counts.

Day 27: Something you ate. There is a Beard Papa's just outside our Superstore, and I'm always like MAN that is a gross name for a thing, but MAN it smells amazing. I finally caved to the smell. Dulce de leche cream puff.

Day 29: Something you're listening to. Sometimes when Eleanor is sort of hating all of us, the only person she'll talk to is the Bear. She coos at him and flirts with him and some day I will make you a video. You will die.

The end!

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