Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cooperative EVENTUALLY.

So I have this dress that was Eleanor's Tante Tina's, and I wanted to do a little photo shoot of E in the dress before I sent it back so that her cousin Hazel (who will be big enough for it in about three days) can wear it, so I get her out on a blanket on the grass and she's all like, Urk?

and I'm like, Of course. You are facing the sun. Let me turn you around. But then she is like, H'naaaang

and I am like, Get your thumb out of your mouth, and then she is like, Bfffffbpt

and I am like, Fingers too, and then she is like, Ffffffpt!

and I am like, COME ON. And then she is like, *harp sounds*



blackbird said...

We need some harp sounds on the hair front.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Is it bad that I think she looks kind of better when she is all, *blurrrbt*?