Friday, July 06, 2012

You didn't know you'd missed me until I came back.

Innnnnnnternet. I have missed you. We have moved and settled and it takes so LONG to get New Internet and there's only so much you can do with your phone.

But I'm back on the tubes so expect a continuation of Pictures Of Eleanor And Also Sometimes Text. There are big changes afoot in Eleanorland.

she's gotten really murdery, for one thing

HA HA, no. Jokes. It's teeth. She has two teeth. But she's being super cagey about them, so no pictures.

Oh, and also, she can sit now, like a people.

Little naked turkey.


Anonymous said...

She looks like a little doll baby sitting there. So miss her and you. Luv Mum

Amy said...

"You didn't know you'd miss me until I came back."

NOT TRUE! I check every day for your updates. Am SO glad you're back!y

Alita said...

What Amy said. Check your blog stats, woman. I've going through Rachel Blog withdrawal and checking daily for new posts. Happy to have you back!

Kayleigh said...

What Amy and Alita said. I wish my name started with an "A" so I could keep the patter going. Glad you have internet and are getting settled! You're just in time to steal, I mean gaze at this 500kg chocolate bull. Made of chocolate.