Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo dump.

Did I ever tell you about the video monitor my dad got us? You can check it from your phone. WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE. Aside from letting me know whether she is screeching because she is an angry beast who has been put unwillingly to bed, or because she has GOTTEN HER LEG CAUGHT BETWEEN HER CRIB BARS (egads), the video monitor informs me that she sleeps directly on her face.

Just like her dad.

I got her a sippy cup so she can start drinking water like a person, and it was hilariously disastrous.

She is like, *bite bite bite* and I am like, SIPPY CUPS ARE FOR SIPPING and she is like, *dumps* but eventually she is like *sips.*

This is my favorite thing she does, where she gets so excited she can hardly stand it and she makes tiny fists and straightens her legs hard and SHRIEKS.

You can get her worked up like this by standing over her and talking to her. She is excitable.

For anyone who is wondering, her forehead is still very, very dented. See?

Also, carrot-beard.


Rebekah Joy Plett said...

I was expecting more dumps. Your title is misleading. More poop next time please.

Nicholas said...

Have the forehead dents gone away? If yes, at what age? Thanks!