Saturday, July 07, 2012

Humaner and humaner.

You guys, so many things! I can't even...where do I? I feel like that Mitch Hedberg joke where he pinches the microphone cord and is like, I'm going to tell all my jokes like this and then let it go and you'll get them all at once.

But really I just want to post this picture.

Ok so Eleanor has been eating Human Food, but one of is us terrified she'll choke and the other one of us doesn't feel like steaming and pureeing and sitting there and feeding her messy face when they could be, I don't know, eating their own damn lunch. So I picked up these mesh bag thingies and you put food in them and she gums them and bits come out and you don't have to worry.

It's way less messy, unless you're, like, three strawberries in. By then things have gotten pretty gory.

But she's really into it (except when she's like, NO THANKS, because babies are capricious). Sometimes she can't even pick the thingie off the table before she's trying to get it into her mouth.

That looks like the behavior of an addict. OH LOOK, another sour face.


In sum: what up, carrots?


blackbird said...

If you don't Pin these pictures I will.

Rhiannon said...

Oh Eleanore, you are made of funny kid. Seriously, she's so amusing she made a funny cameo in my dreams last night after looking at these photos!
Needless to say it was about messy food adventures. I'm still worn out from cleaning up in my dream.

Amy said...

Where was this meshy thing when I was cutting grapes into twelve pieces?

Tikabelle said...

That sour face is incredible. Please God, let lemons and limes come soon...