Sunday, July 22, 2012

So I had lunch twice.

We went looking for Fries and Dolls because poutine, and accidentally ended up at a salsa competition (the chopped up bits of tomato, not the sexy dance) because that's where Fries and Dolls' twitter feed said they were, but then we couldn't FIND THEM and were finally like, Whatever, fine, I will eat this butter chicken pizza and drink this limeade.

So we did and then found Fries and Dolls almost immediately.

Of course. And so to scratch that itch where you set out to do a something, we had a zesty poutine with chipotle and other shit.

And if Eleanor did not have any, it was not for want of trying.


Reading Rambo said...

I never thought I'd be craving poutine. Damn your eyes.

Jacki said...

Ok, so you look amazing! One HOT Mama!

Vasilly said...

Raych, you are so skinny! That butter chicken looks so good!