Monday, November 19, 2012

A hodge-podge for you.

HAHAHA remember when I was going to post every day in November? THAT didn't happen. We went to Mexico, it turns out, and I was going to schedule a post every day we were gone but packing makes me weep so THEN I was just going to schedule this picture to post every day

because HAHA THAT FACE. It is a face she makes all the time now, for no reason, and we are like, what is up, face?

I will post more about Mexico later, prepare yourself for a lot of this

and an in-depth discussion of all the flan I ate (so much flan). For those of you who have been wondering how the Eleanor-Octopus relationship is playing out (Alice), I am both the worst mother and the most brilliant. We have that plastic stuff on our patio windows that you stick on and then hair-dry and it shrinks and insulates your house and Eleanor loves nothing, NOTHING more than to try to peel off the edges, and the more I'm like, Don't do that, the more she's like HAHA I'M DOING IT so I set a guard

and now she doesn't dare.


blackbird said...


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Ha ha, best face ever!!!

Jacquelyn said...

LOVE your guard-plan!

Reading Rambo said...

Omg. I can't believe that works. I am in awe.

Tika Viteri said...

HAH! That is hilarious and brilliant! And also, 100% good mothering because she doesn't get in trouble and maybe she'll eventually forget about peeling the plastic edges (probably not - I do that too).

And AHAHA that face. My niece used to make a similar one and it was wonderful and now she says things like, "auntie Tika, you can't have my eggs. You're allergelick. But they're delectable so I will eat your share." She's 3, so look forward to that!

Amy said...

They either peel or they don't peel. I had one who peeled all the stickers off of toys, which really kind of ruined them. The others didn't even try to do it.

But the octopus saga must continue. I have to see how this plays out.