Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This butterfly is SOCIAL.

Eleanor has never really made strange, which is nice for me, especially three hours into a four-and-a-half hour flight when I am sick of her face and she is sick of BOTH OUR FACES and the couple behind us asks to hold her.

When we got her back half an hour later she looked at us like, Ugh, you guys again.

And Eleanor really loves to have people looking at her. It makes her grin, and then people grin back, and then she grins at them grinning and it's a downward spiral of grin and it makes taking the bus a lot of fun. So we'd be in the dining hall and she'd be flashing her teethies at people and they'd be like, Awww, and she'd be like SQUAWK and it was this torturous process to try to feed her because SHE WAS BUSY LOVING PEOPLE.

By, like, the third day she had amassed this fan club and everywhere we went we'd run into people who knew her name and wanted to hold her and exclaim over her in Spanish and kiss her fat cheeks.

And we'd go to the pool and the Mexican kids would gather around and chatter at Joel and I while they stroked Eleanor's arms and face and she was like, Yessssss, the adulation!

One day I was setting her down at the beach and she was like, Hi! Hi! Hi! over my shoulder because she'd spotted these two dumplings

whom she loved beyond all reason and who loved her and were always fighting over who got to let her hold their toy.

Now it's just the two of us, booting around Calgary in the snow, but she doesn't seem to mind.


Anonymous said...

Such an EASY child. And I see she is finally wearing a HAT!

blackbird said...

THE nicest baby.

Reading Rambo said...