Monday, November 05, 2012

She spends a lot of her life excited about SOMEthing.

She does this thing with her feet when she gets excited, where her toes all curl in together, and I didn't have any pictures of it because usually I am doing the thing she's excited about, or I am also excited and therefore distracted. But mom was feeding her and she was doing her curly toes and I whipped out my camera and she stopped and started doing her flaily legs instead, which is cute in motion but hard to get a feel for on camera.

But then my dad came in the room and started TALKING! TO! HER! and she was like,

It's like her feet are going EEEEEEEEEEE!

And then she does this thing with her hands when she gets excited where it's like she's telling you a story and you're laughing and she's like, Just wait, just wait,

only usually SHE'S the one laughing, and these hands happen a lot in the bath because the bath gets her JAZZED.

And then there are, of course, her Excited Legs.

They are like eager drumsticks.

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