Sunday, November 04, 2012

Pretend that I blogged yesterday, too.

We're teaching Eleanor baby-sign-language because she's started to Hnnnnnn! at us when she wants something, and it's not cute. I've never met a baby that's actually able to manage the sign for 'more' right off the bat, but it's usually some sort of index-finger tapping or hand-flailing. Eleanor's looks like this:

It's so precious I could PUNCH something. She does it when she wants more food, or to be picked up, or whatever you have in your hand. And when it's something she's really into, like beets, she just clasps and clasps and clasps her hands in this adorably frantic hand-wringing.


Amanda said...

That is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. I adore how every baby comes up with their own little version of the standard signs. My Eleanor never did get the hang of the sign for "thank you" but instead would just sort of wave her hand in the air. I was a little sad when she finally gave up the signs and started using the words instead, because SO CUTE.

Teresa said...

I just made the biggest AWWWWWW ever. Your baby is so cute I just want to grab all my stuff animals and squeeze the stuffing out of them.

She's doing the Oliver Twist "Please mum may I have some more face."

Keep on mothering that adorable little thing!