Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bring on the tiny Snickers.

I bought two pumpkins a few weeks ago. Every time we leave the house, Eleanor goes, HA! Pumpkins! Like she's forgotten they were there. And then when we come home she goes, Pumpkins! How are you doing? Hello, big pumpkin. Hello, li'l pumpkin.

Like, every time.

Today she and I gutted them. She meticulously

picked out

each seed.

And then I stripped them of their guts.

We (Joel and I, this time) carved them after dinner.

Obligatory knife-in-the-eye shot.

Eleanor helped by draping herself over my leg and going, Eleanor helping! Momma carving!

And then chasing a balloon that the librarian gave her this morning (they love her at the library. The children's librarians love her, but the adult librarians downstairs, they love her).

We are ready for Halloween.


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