Thursday, October 24, 2013

She has the tiniest brazen streak.

Eleanor is a timid sort of person. She has about a ten-minute warm-up period with new people (after which she will love them derangedly, because she is also a person of Great Feeling). She likes to observe, and to learn, and to proceed with caution.

But if there is fun or balloons to be had, Eleanor is all up in there.

We went to a mom's group today that meets in a church gym, and it was basically Eleanor's best case scenario. There were toys, Josie (whom Eleanor loves beyond all reason) was there with her boys (whom Eleanor also really, really loves), and snack was grapes and cheese.

I put her down when we walked in, and stood talking to Josie for a minute, and Eleanor wandered over to these two vintage rocking horses and was like, Up? to the nearest mom. 

Like, I need to be on this horse and you are an adult lady, so. 

And then, about an hour later, I was chatting with another mom and someone brought out one of those parachutes that you all gather around and shake, and when I looked over, this was happening:


I was delighted and proud.


Amanda said...

She is delightful indeed!

Reading Rambo said...

Ahhh! That last pic!