Monday, October 07, 2013

It's our Thanksgiving miracle.

We lost Snuggles today. I mean, we have two, which is both the problem and the solution. We were walking to the mall to see how long it would take, and it's 3 kilometers so I let her bring Snuggles in the stroller because we have two. I've gotten cavalier.

But then we got to the mall and she was like, H'nuggles? And I was like...Oh. And she was like, At de house! Waiting for you! She meant waiting for her. Her pronouns are still pretty hit or miss.

So I was like, Sure! Because I knew that when we got home, I could produce a Snuggles. So we went to the mall and played in the play place and kept asking about him and then being like, Oh right, he's at home, and some hours later we headed home, and I'm trying to remember the route I cut through the parking lot and to peer down each aisle, just in case, and we got to the first crosswalk and HA!

And at first she was just like, SQUEEEEZE

and then she was all, Never leave me again

and she couldn't stop rubbing him on her face and cooing and lar lar laring at him, it was basically the first time she met Susan all over again.

And I knew I should stop her because he was kind of dirty but she was just SO HAPPY.


Reading Rambo said...


By the way. Children seem to have transition objects as they become individuals and separate themselves mentally from their mother, but my siblings and I DID NOT HAVE THESE and I don't know what that means.

blackbird said...

Thank fucking god.
I'm sorry about my language but I almost had a heart attack.

Morgan said...

You're killing me with that hairbow. Swoon.