Monday, October 28, 2013

Inside and out.

It's so, so cold already, and Sunday mornings are looking like the Fun Indoor Activity void in Saskatoon. The library isn't open, the Discovery Museum doesn't open until noon. We had the car yesterday, so when Eleanor started to get squirrelly we went to the mall near us. It has a fantastic play place.

We got there around 9:45 and I was hoping, best case scenario, that it opened at 10, but NO DICE. So we spent an hour walking its ghostly halls and sitting on its various toys. Eleanor doesn't care if they go or not.

I hoped against hope that the food court would be open but HAHAHAH, no. Good thing I had a granola bar in the depths of my purse.

A granola bar is not french fries. We couldn't get into the Hallmark store to hug its giant puppies, so we hugged them through the window.

The play place was closed until 11, but some of the toys communicate to the outside world.

We were fifteen minutes from Mall Opening when Eleanor lost her mind for good, and I was like, OH WELL IT IS LUNCH TIME ANYWAY and we went home. It was a successful morning in that it was a morning and we did stuff.

Hey, remember that balloon that Eleanor got from the library? She keeps holding it over her head and going, Umbrella! Raining!

And then making it jump.


It's off-screen in this one, it jumped that high.

This morning it snowed a tiny bit, but the afternoon sunned up and I finally found the box with all of Eleanor's hats and her scarf and my earmuffs (I missed those) so we went to the park. It's a six-minute walk at MOST but Eleanor insisted on walking the whole way by herself because she is big now, so it took a freezing twenty minutes.

It was so much colder than it looks. On the way home, she talked me into stopping off at the Shopper's Drug Mart because she likes to look at the skeletons and masks, and I only agreed because I was so, so cold, but I ended up buying a box of Halloween candy and a heinous mummy cat, which I have been coveting and very diligently not buying.

Whenever I complain about Eleanor being on my body all the time, Joel always says, Enjoy it, because in five years she's not even going to want to hold your hand anymore, and I'm like, THAT DAY IS NOW.

Hold my hand, infant. Do it. Mitten to mitten.

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Reading Rambo said...


Also, I 100% held my mom's hand at the mall last weekend. Yeah, it felt kind of weird. But then I said "Fuck it, it's my mom and she gets too distracted otherwise."