Friday, October 04, 2013


So, it turned October earlier this week, and when Eleanor went down for a nap I STREW the house with skeletons. This guy is a new acquisition. He's trapped in his coffin.

Glower No Evil, Smirk No Evil, and Shriek No Evil you may remember from last year.

As well as Alphonse and Marie du Bones. Take your coat?

My large, lovely spider, the most expensive thing I have ever bought from a dollar store, and my grandmother's silver ewer.

Rosencranz and Guildenstern (still dead).

This is the Kitchen Ghoul. He lurks and hovers and questions your dietary choices. 'Don't you want to look like meeeee?' he says. I don't, so I have nachos for lunch.

And then, of course, tiny skulls.

Like, everywhere.

Sam Skellington is obviously out and about.

And I don't have a tiny cauldron for my eyeballs, so I piled them in my immensely heavy stone mortar.

Not like they stayed in there for very long.

Eleanor is constantly improving her eyeball-mardi-gras-beads-measuring-tape soup.

Needs more crumpled pink paper!

Needs more I'll Teach My Dog A Lot Of Words!

Ha. Perfect.

She's enjoying this Halloween business, on the whole.

Taking costume suggestions. Must be cold-weather friendly or adaptable to same.


blackbird said...

Does our Eleanor have MARKER on her HEAD?

ramblin'andie said...

I was wondering the same.

Tika Viteri said...

I just spent 20 minutes watching her videos one after the other. It's like the Eleanor Series.

kt said...

Polar bear!!

Wolfdietrich said...

Skeletons ERRRRRRRWHERE. So, it turned October earlier this ...