Monday, May 05, 2014

Living large.

Today, because Eleanor has a cold and is all sadness and boogers

(well, boogers, anyway),

because the weather continues to Not Be Helping,

and because Joel is on call again,

I took my best girl out for wraps and caramel apple cake.

And then it was almost sunny and we were outside anyway and we'd had caramel apple cake and the park isn't on our way home but it is if you go, like, five blocks out of the way.

I really want to make a 'giving birth' joke about this tunnel picture

but I also really just want to take an 11-hour nap. So.

Happy Monday.


Constance said...

5 more sleeps!

Vasilly said...

Awww. :-)

kt said...

Oh, as a mom of a big girl, I can see the big girl in Miss E in that lovely smiley shot. * le sigh*