Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We are getting along famously.

So I've gotten over that business where I don't like Eleanor very much. A lot of it had to do with me just not being able to handle her bouncing toddlerness, and so foisting her on my parents or Joel or literally anyone, but then being unable to stop parenting when she was being toddler about some things. Basically for a few days my only interactions with her were to be like, Stop doing that. So *I* stopped doing that, and started just hanging out with her, and now we enjoy each other fine.

That aside, having my parents out really eased the transition from one- to two-child household. Eleanor couldn't care LESS what her dad and I are up to when Papa and Gigi are out. I haven't been away from her overnight since she was 5 months old and oblivious, but the first night Papa and Gigi were here I went to put her down and she was like, Can Gigi read Llama Llama to me and put me in my bed? And I was like, HAHAHA see you in two weeks.

So Geneva just sort of entered the house and became part of the scenery, and by the time Papa and Gigi left and Eleanor started caring what I was up to, Geneva was just a given.

Watching Eleanor doing her Big Sistering just slays me. Today I ran downstairs to grab something, Geneva was still in her carseat and Eleanor was finishing up her lunch. Geneva woke up and started to squawk, and as I come upstairs I hear Eleanor from across the table going, It's ok, Geneva, I'm here. Don't cry.

She talks to Geneva all the time, which I find hilarious. She's just started making her toys have conversations with each other (also hilarious), and if you make Snuggles talk to her, she talks back to him. I can't really explain why her talking to Geneva is so weird, maybe because we usually talk around her. Like, Oh, who is squawking? It's Geneva! And so forth. But Eleanor is always like, This is YOURS, Geneva! This is some MUSIC, Geneva! Are you DRINKING, Geneva?

She totally accepts as a matter of course that Geneva drinks from my boob. Like, obviously. And because I'm often feeding Geneva while Eleanor has her lunch, they're usually drinking their milk at the same time, which Eleanor thinks is the best joke.

These two.


Reading Rambo said...

"and as I come upstairs I hear Eleanor from across the table going, It's ok, Geneva, I'm here. Don't cry."


blackbird said...

Ooooh, big Eleanor and teeny Geneva!

She's a good sister, she is.