Thursday, May 08, 2014

She's learning the power of All The Tea Always over a sore throat

Today, because Eleanor has the kind of cough that has both of you standing outside her door at 2:00 am, listening to her breathe,

because Joel is on call again (last time before the baby comes, I swear),

because we paid for our beautiful weather this morning by having lousy weather this afternoon,

because this is the last day it'll be just the two of us girls, hanging out together,

because everything changes so much, so soon,

and because I just...I am not putting pants on anymore, I made my best girl pancakes with coconut yogurt and diced mango for dinner.

I put spinach in the pancakes, because I haven't completely given up.

Joel starts his time off when he gets home from work tomorrow morning. My parents come Saturday. This baby is imminent.


blackbird said...

I luff you, okay?


alice c said...

Congratulations! What an amazing mother you are. That is exactly the recommended meal for children under 36 months in Tuvalu because it contains the ideal combination of vitamins.

Joel said...

awww this post made me wistful. STUPID CHILDHOOD STOP BEING SO EPHEMERAL. (my girl is eleanor's age... but no more on the way.)

Vasilly said...

Awww. :-) *hugs and hugs and more hugs*