Tuesday, August 18, 2015

An EMBARRASSMENT of cousins.

We had house guests again! Joel was gone for a week so my sister and her husband and her baby came to keep us from murdering each other company. Remember the LAST time my sister and her baby (and my parents) were out? LOOK AT THESE TINY INFANT CREATURES.

Ack, they can't even sit up. And now, look at them discussing the merits of this blueberry.

Eleanor had a couple of sad moments because there was no other three-year-old to play with, but she made do.

Rosey took some time to get used to WHAT A LOT OF PEOPLE there are in this house.

Eleanor was like, I will be your friend.

She is going to love being the oldest cousin once she gets over being the oldest cousin.

We took them to the ice cream bus because why even HAVE an ice cream bus if you're not taking people there.

The babies got empty cones and were stoked about it. And then you have to go to the splash park to run off all that ice cream. IT'S TRADITION.

And then. AND THEN. We took them to the new Kinsmen Playground that just opened up.


Like, LOOK AT THIS HUGE TALL SLIDE THING Eleanor is emerging from.

Look at this, I dunno, pile of climbing logs!



LOOK AT ELEANOR ON THIS ZIPLINE SHE WAS SO BRAVE and my sister was at the far end, taking pictures and hollering HOLD ON TIGHT, HOLD ON TIGHT because you really get jerked around at the end.

So that was amazing. And then we went to Stacked Burger House for poutine. Look this way, matching babies!

Buncha defiant bitches.  We got three poutines and it was about a poutine-and-a-half too many poutines, even with the babies' help.

Eleanor had to be dragged from the table. 'Just three more French fries and then I am all done!' The next day, we took them to the library for story time. Rosey had, by this time, taught everyone how to boop each other on the nose.

We also took them to the farmer's market, which (it turns out) is super lame on Wednesdays. At least we had the hens.

And the treats.

Did I mention we were at the pool every day after naps?

Every. damn. day.

Geneva, you are ridiculous.

What else. We did pretend-face-painting a lot.

Eleanor and her auntie did some sketching together.

There was just, like, non-stop nose-booping.

Gonna boop youuuuuu.

Went to the thrift store, went to the comic book store, went to the coffee shop, all of which Eleanor referred to as 'going to the shops.'

Went to the graveyard because why not.

I feel like Rosey got used to all the bodies in her presence, Eleanor got used to having to share all available adults with others and their own pure exhaustion, and then it was time for them to leave. Good visit, all in all.


blackbird said...

I'm exhausted with all the cousin wonderfulness!

dlgowan said...

How nice to have cousins so close in age. And the matching outfits are adorable!