Monday, August 03, 2015

On the fringe.

Joel ain't home again this evening, but the Fringe Festival wraps up at the end of the week and by the time Joel is available to us again, we're going to want to go to the Ex and we aren't going to have time to walk down as a family and sit in the middle of the street to watch, like, Ukrainian dancers or whatever.

Plus, if I take the girls down by myself, we can share a perogie poutine and I don't have to cook.

Geneva is like, Don't you dare feed me give me that fork I am super good at this, watch.

We spent most of our time pseudo-stalking down these two characters. Eleanor could not let them pass without accosting them.

They were the most gracious neon fox and wolf we have ever met, because they stopped every time so that Eleanor could make small talk at them.

We got mini donuts, and I gave Geneva one after I'd shaken most of the sugar off, but NOT ALL OF IT because the whole way home she was like, Pfbbbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbf.


blackbird said...

You girls almost make me like summer.

Jane said...

Eleanor's shoes.