Saturday, August 08, 2015

At the Ex

We went to the animal fair.

The birds and the terrifying beasties were there.

The weather cleared up and it literally only rained for like the three minutes I took Eleanor on her first roller coaster.

Despite her grimly determined expression there, she loved it amazingly (like she was ever going to do anything else).

We left it too long to get food, so that we were all STARVING by the time we picked a bench and sent Joel off to hunter-gather and I held Geneva while she cried and cried and made little *more more* signs with her asking hands. But that was the lowest moment of the afternoon because then the mardi gras parade came by and threw beads at us while we were eating our hot wings and fries.

And then we went to get a treat, and Eleanor wanted ice cream because she always wants ice cream which is why I don't let her choose every time, because I wanted an elephant ear or some mini donuts or I DUNNO A FRIED FAIR TREAT and did you know that a funnel cake sundae is a thing that exists?

Because it is, and it is incredible.

All the way home, we couldn't stop talking about what a perfect fair food it was, and how happy we were, and part of it was that deeply satisfying euphoria you get when you let yourself get truly hungry and then FEED yourself, but part of it was pure sugar rush.

We almost didn't make it to the Ex this year because busyness and weather, but we're so glad we did.

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blackbird said...

Funnel cake sundae AND a roller coaster?!
I can't even.