Saturday, August 01, 2015

The cousins continue to be in town and we talk them into seeing us a bunch more times!

AND THEN. Saturday we met up with the cousins at the farmer's market. Eleanor insisted on standing on the bench and halloooing for them until we got a text saying they were across the market.

We paid UGH CASH DOLLARS for the olds to get their faces painted because it was a Special Occasion.

Eleanor you are the most perfect little dragonface.

And then we got ice cream because duh.

Look at my little person all wore out.

Anyway. The cousins were with their other cousins for dinner, so we took ourselves to the splash park. Not the usual one. The other one.

And then Sunday we did not see the cousins but we saw a bunch of dogs, and then Monday we joined them over on Broadway for some snax, and then TUESDAY we woke up to just, like, so much rain. Like, the power went out, is how much rain. And we were meeting the cousins at the library for storytime, but we couldn't WALK there for the rain (that's how much rain) but also I haven't figured out how to open the garage door when there's no power (you pull the red emergency cord and then I guess you just like shove up the door with your own strong arms? And then does it just stay there while you drive out? And do you have to be tall so you can pull it back down? So many things I do not know). But then the power came back on PHEW and we went to the library.



And I let Eleanor skip her nap because the cousins were leaving after supper, and she only actually sleeps like two out of three afternoons anyway, so she and Hazel did some painting.

And some dress-upping.

And some reading.

And some bouncing.

And some fake-napping.

This is the part of the afternoon where Mike and Leah went to pack up their things and pick up some roadtripsnax and then Frankie woke up and we all went downstairs to play 'pirates.' EVERYBODY OVERBOARD.

And then Geneva woke up and I sent out a few frantic 'mayday' texts because four under four is so, so many.

And then we had supper and threw all the babies in the bath together, and then they packed and left and Eleanor wept on my shoulder because she is old enough now to know what leaving means, and Geneva peered out the window LONG after they were gone.

Splendid visit, altogether.

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