Sunday, March 06, 2016

Both my kids in bed before it's dark out.

Ughhhhhh yesterday was so great. Joel was sick so I took the girls to story time at the library, which Eleanor LOVES but which we never make it to now because the other story time days are preschool days and then Joel usually takes the girls out Saturday mornings and anyway, Eleanor was DELIGHTED.

I give them five minutes to fool around on the library computers and Geneva's always like, Hello yes, is this how I mouse?

And the afternoon was so warm, and everything was melting and there were rivers through the ice

and we spent like an hour sending sticks and twigs down the gutters

and then we had a snack outside in the playhouse, and then spent another half hour just, like, dumping snow into this puddle to see what would happen.

I am getting a ton of mileage out of these tiny snow shovels, I tell you what.

And this morning started off SO WELL (except for Eleanor's fever and cough, when she hadn't even gotten over the last cough yet. When will I feel better, she asked. I dunno, Eleanor. Maybe I'll feel better when I'm dead. Maybe you will.). LOOK AT DAT SUNSHINE.

We walked down to the farmer's market and got a brownie, and for some reason, every time she forked it, Geneva would scowl and say, scowlily, BROWNDIEEEEEE.

And then we went to the park and then got some samosas and walked home and everyone went to bed. Eleanor went STRAIGHT TO SLEEP because she is so sick, but Geneva just hung out in there, talking to herself and then telling me she had a poop and then CACKLING when I came in to change her and there was no poop YOUR PRANKS ARE NOT FUNNY GENEVA and then like two hours later I gave in and let her out.

HA HA LOOK AT ME I DON'T NAP. And then Eleanor woke up, and did I mention that I am also sick. And that Joel is gone for the week now. Anyway, Eleanor woke up sick and sad, and I cannot, so we had a Bonus Movie Day with tea.

Geneva is, like, incredibly serious about her tea consumption. Eleanor sits and sips it like a grown-up lady but Geneva doesn't even come up for air until her tea is gone, and then she refuses to relinquish her mug until you forcefully take it, and then she keeps glancing over at Eleanor's, saying Nohr! Tea! Drinkit! And I'm like, No you cannot drink Eleanor's tea. Anyway. That scene in Cinderella when Lucifer the cat is sneaking up on Gus Gus.

SO INTENSE, look at their leetle faces.

Geneva lost her mind at around 5 so I fed us all toast for dinner, which Eleanor did not eat, and then put the bird and her lost mind to bed. I talked Eleanor into eating like four saltines and having a bath, and then at 6:30 she was asking if she could go to bed, too. Now I'm waiting for her to fall asleep so I can go have my own bath, and go to bed, too.

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Lois said...

Hahahahaha!! Hello, is this how I mouse? Well, I used this pic as an intro into other things that my 9 - 10 year olds are doing, as a start to our day, (because my kiddies LOVE my Eleanor, my Genny Wren, my Rosey Posey and my Georgie Porgie. ((period, full stop!! <3))

They wriggled with the delight of making Hugely Endearing Errors Whilst Learning.