Thursday, March 24, 2016

Snow forever, and forever snow.

This is the time of year when people start posting pictures of their kids in rompers, or of their daffodils, and we're over here just like

I bought some daffodils for the windowsill, as is my first-day-of-spring custom, and I told Eleanor today that in BC, people have daffodils growing IN THEIR YARDS right now and her jaw dropped. (She is a very dramatic person.) But anyway. The day my mom left, it was sunny and warm and most of the snow had melted and we played golf in the yard.

And then the next day it snowed and it's been snowing off and on ever since. This morning, it BLIZZARDED for the like 20 minutes it took me to get the girls in the car and drive Eleanor to school, and then let up once Geneva and I were at the grocery store. Driving in snow is fine but driving while it is actively snowing is the pits, and it was so foggy that I couldn't see two cars ahead of me. Eleanor's in the back all OH THE SNOW IS SO PRETTY LOOK MY WINDOW IS ALL SNOWY and I'm like...Mine too, I hope we don't die. But I bought myself a parka this winter! How have I waited so long. I am warm always. We went to the park yesterday after supper because it was SO SUNNY and I wore my parka and a t-shirt even though it was freezing because my parka is so warm. Also I bought myself some leather gloves for driving, which is where I was going with this, and it feels MASSIVELY SAFER than driving in wool mittens, and also I can load the girls into their carseats without taking my gloves off and I never realized how cold your hands could get in like two exposed minutes, and then I moved here. So.

Josie and I were texting about the weather back when the weather was amazing, and then I screenshotted her the next week's forecast and it was just like SNOWFOREVER and she was like, March is a cold-hearted bitch. Everyone you talk to is like HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GO BACK TO -10 WHEN WE'VE TASTED 12 DEGREES. It's so lame. But, like, sometimes your teeny playhouse gets teeny play icicles?

So that's something.


blackbird said...

Your new parka is totally on fleek...or whatever that word is.

Pam said...

Hmm. Sunshine and daffodils here in Scotland...