Monday, March 28, 2016


We woke up from our sickness and it was time to start, like, painting ceramic eggs.

When they dried, we covered them in these jewelly stickers from my mom, and frankly I think they look amazing.

I found this foam egg decorating kit at the dollar store, and Geneva lasted for maybe two eggs (I BET YOU CAN GUESS WHICH ONES) but Eleanor got on a roll.

And then we strung them up and they actually look pretty good, too.

What else. This vinyl bunny that Eleanor drew like five faces onto, and then stuck the actual face stickers onto on top of the faces she drew, and then colored over the sticker faces.

Put bunny ears on my kids' toys, obviously.

Made our windows super festive.


And the 4H had their baby animals there, as per usual, and Geneva WOULD NOT HOLD A CHICK oh man that would have been adorable, nor would she pet the baby horse, but Eleanor did all the things, couldn't have stopped her holding a baby chick if you tried.

We went to an Easter egg hunt at the farmer's market, and you went to the lady and she gave you an egg and there was a clue in it and you figured out the clue, and our clue was 'donuts!' so we went to the donut lady and she gave us a donut for our prize.

SUPER GOOD PRIZE, the hunt was over super fast, we went to the park.

Stop insisting on that hat, Geneva, it is too big for you.

Joel worked a lot Easter weekend, so even with all the activities, we had a lot of time to kill. I cut some enormous eggs out of white posterboard and let the girls paint them.

Sunday was our, like, Day of Stuff day. Making some paska sponge!

Remember last year when Geneva was so lame and weepy and couldn't get her shit together well doo de doo just dissolving some sugar in milk, it's cool.

Then we dyed some eggs.

'Neeva do it!

I always want to buy, like, ten dying kits a year because they all look SO FUN but I reined myself in to just this 24k egg one, and you know it's not going to look like the picture, in no small part because your staff has like a combined age of five.

BUT LOOK AT THEM! From far away they actually look SHINY AND EXPENSIVE.

Dis one cracked.

It was semi-warm and very sunny so we went outside for like an HOUR.

Then we had eggs for lunch, added some things to our paska sponge, and then I hid eggs while the girls napped. One day when we live somewhere warmer, I might do the egg hunt outside but PROBS NOT because I really love hiding eggs in my kids' toys.

Anyway. Egg hunt. Eleanor was the finder and basket-holder, Geneva was the picker-upper and basket-putter-inner.

And then they cracked them all and I tell you this, anything you might think is a cool thing from the dollar store to put in your kid's Easter eggs, every body else including your kid's teacher and the prize people at 4H also thought was a cool thing to put in some Easter eggs. But whatever, like my kids mind having more of the exact same princess stickers.

Geneva doesn't totally understand chocolate.

Then we punched our paska down

and rolled it into balls

and let the balls rise and I ALWAYS FORGET how much time is involved in this part, and then baked them and glazed them and sprinkled them and had them for supper.

The end, happy Easter. I hope you had as much fun as Geneva had putting egg halves onto her foot and laughing about it because apparently that joke is a developmental milestone.


Constance said...

Geneva's leetle cooking apron is just about as cute as she. ;) Easter Egg Hunt 2017 will be louder and more peoples Cheers!

blackbird said...

I adore putting egg halves on my foot!

Pam said...

You're such a lovely mum. And your children are beautiful.