Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Sick day: an itemized list

Things Eleanor refused to eat yesterday: breakfast, her pizza bun, the rest of her 'fancy cheese,' the rest of her tea, more than one cottage cheese pancake. 

Things we watched yesterday: Cinderella,The Jungle Book, almost Cinderella again but then just like three episodes of Pingu instead. 

Places we went yesterday: the store for sick-people food, the walk-in clinic just to make SURE she doesn't have influenza (we got our flu shots but also I am terrified of having to take my kids to the ER at like 3am when Joel's not here because then I have to bring them BOTH).

Times Eleanor woke up last night, coughing and wildly feverish: 2, unless you count the 8:30pm wake-up, which I do, because I was already in bed.

Time we were all up this morning: 5:45am. 

People who are sick in this house: allllll of us. 

Josie brought me some of her mom's chicken broth so I could make soup, and I drank some straight, from a mug, like a Victorian invalid. It was most restorative. Eleanor is missing a field trip today, she missed gymnastics last night. We are all missing Joel. 

We just have to get through all of today, and then all of three more days. 


blackbird said...

You poor things!
I'm sending you hugs.


Jane said...


Pam said...

I would love to come and help entertain the littles (you're safe, though, because I'm in Scotland). I hope things improve. I do like your beautiful quilts.