Friday, June 17, 2016

Birthday birthday!

One of the most severe bummers about being away from home is that we miss out on all the birthdays. Eleanor always makes me text whoever and tell them happy birthday and then ask what kind of treat they are having, as that is relevant to her interests. But! While we were home we got to participate in TWO BIRTHDAYS.

The first one was Hazel's and never in Eleanor's life has a day been more magical. We went to the aquarium!

We saw Chester, the false killer whale!

Jelly fish were everywhere.

We had poutine for lunch, and ice cream for afters!

There was a play place, with beluga costumes!

We went to the gift shop so Hazel could spend some of her birthday money, and she very graciously let Eleanor pick out a toy as well! Eleanor got a stuffed narwhal she has named Bellow. Then we left for the beach, and on the way, we saw a balloon man!

And a splash park!

And then the beach!

And then back to the splash park because we were so sandy, and then home. So many thanks to Hazel and Leah for inviting us, and to my parents for taking care of Geneva and facilitating this glorious big-kid adventure.

And THEN we celebrated Rosey's birthday, even though it isn't until the end of the month. Rosey helped decorate her own banner.

Eleanor drew a picture of Rosey and THOSE ARE HER PIGTAILS.

Eleanor decorated the cupcakes, because she is The Big Girl.


Rosey did not enjoy the ritual Singing of the Birthday Song.

Cupcake was fine, though.

This cupcake was fine, too.

And this one.

I'm so sad to leave Saskatoon, but I'm so excited to be a part of stuff. Eleanor is excited for all the cakes she will get to share.

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So very very lovely.