Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eleanor is a preschool graduate!

I mean. I'm sending her for another round of preschool in the fall because I cannot get my head around having a kid in full-time school SHE IS STILL A BABY WHAT IS HAPPENING but. She graduated from her first year of preschool, and I agree that preschool grad, with little graduation caps, is super lame AND YET.

Ugh she is so adorable. I have many low-quality videos of her singing about being 'un boule' that I will probably never post because other people's kids are in them but COME TO MY HOUSE AND I WILL SHOW THEM TO YOU.

So she had preschool grad and she was the biggest Billy Goat Gruff because she's probably the loudest, and she corrected her teacher THREE TIMES over the course of the program and THEN we got to go to Kinsmen Park!

Kinsmen still has the rides closed in the morning unless there's a private event, and Eleanor is always extremely jealous of the private event and then we got to BE the private event! And ride all the rides without stopping!

It was basically the highlight of Eleanor's entire life.

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