Thursday, June 23, 2016


Let's talk about Eleanor for a minute, because I threw her a birthday party like five months ago and never mentioned it! It was her first birthday party, and I was weirdly stressed out about it even though I literally just texted Josie and my second cousin and was like, Do you guys want to come to a party and since you are the whole guest list, what day is good for you and is CJ's Playhouse too far of a drive.

And everyone came to our house first for cupcakes, and having people sing Happy Birthday to her is Eleanor's favorite thing about birthdays.

We'd had this cookbook out at the time, that had a full-page spread of Things Dipped In Chocolate And Then Like Nuts Or Sprinkles Or Whatever, so I told Eleanor she could pick ONE THING to dip in chocolate for her birthday, and she picked marshmallows, and they were heinous sugar bombs but whatever, making them was a fun activity and the kids were totally into them.

Then we went to CJ's and this is where things took a turn. Eleanor was at a stage where she was just figuring out social interactions, and who she could boss around and how much, and how she could make people do the things she wanted to do, so she wasn't really good at it and there were TEARS and FRUSTRATION and sad-talkings all the way home. Now she speaks very fondly of that birthday, but at the time it was hard on both of us.

Today we were at a park and she had made a friend, she makes friends at every park these days, and she was like, What do you want to do? And the girl was like *shrug* and Eleanor was like, Do you want to do what I'm doing? And it was such a generous gesture and so unlike herself around Christmastime and this, even more than the fact that none of her pants fit anymore, brings it home that she is GROWING she is growing so much.

Anyway. As is my custom, I interviewed Eleanor on her birthday.

Her favorite color is pink.

Her favorite food is treats, specifically tater tots.

Her friends are Josie, Tyler, Logan, Evelyn, Mitch, she can't say all her park friends because she doesn't remember their names, Amy, and Eva.

Her favorite toy is Snuggles.

Her favorite book is Bear's Birthday.

Her favorite movie is Cinderella.

Things that make her happy are cuddles.

When she grows up, she wants to be a ballerina, an artist, a mountain climber, and a librarian with stamps.

Her favorite thing to do with dad is read books.

Her favorite thing to do with mom is read books.

Her favorite thing to do with Geneva is play in the sand.

Her favorite thing to do with herself is to have a birthday.

Her favorite song is Jingle Bells.

Her favorite item of clothing is her cherry dress.

Her favorite animals are woods animals.

She is good at balloons and partying and digging and crying and blowing candles.

Her favorite seasons are summer and spring and Christmas.

Her favorite game is playing.

Her favorite body part is her organs.

She is also turning out pretty great.


Katy Murphy said...

I heart Eleanor.

blackbird said...

I cannot even.
I love her so much.

September said...

What a wonderful tradition!

benilhalk said...

Oh wow, this birthday looks very enjoyable. I totally enjoyed watching kids’ photos. I loved their party costumes too. At some local LA venue for eventsI am also going to celebrate my son’s 6th birthday and desperately finding a funky theme for that birthday bash. If you have any party theme suggestions then please share!