Thursday, June 16, 2016

We went to BC to find a house!

We went to BC to find a house. 'We' being me and the girls, who are by now extremely competent fliers.

We booked the trip for ten days because finding a house is stressful and time-consuming, and then we ended up landing a place on, like, the second day! Me and dad drove out to Chilliwack to check it out and then drove back home with the top down and Dave Matthews playing very loudly.

And then I had, like, eight days left to just hang out and enjoy my family!

The babies are just all so much OLDER than the last time we came home, and everyone got along much better than I had expected. Eleanor throve on being the Biggest Cousin ('Let me help you draw a circle!')

and Geneva is just like straight-up in love with my sister's dog. 'You can 'niff my 'Nuggles!'

'I will kiss you! Kiss kiss'

'I will have a nap wi' you!'

Oh what a pile of babies.


Anna {} said...

Chilliwack!! Yes, yes :)

blackbird said...

And you will be closer to family?
And the new house is nice?
And, and, and...I have so many questions and I am sad/excited for you!