Sunday, November 24, 2013

So, it snowed the day we left (you may recall) and it snowed the day after we got back, and the day after THAT I bought Eleanor snow pants and the day after THAT it warmed up to -15 after being in the…I don't know whether to say 'high -20s' meaning high in numbers or 'low -20s' meaning low in temperature, but it had been in the -20s nearer to -30 (which is -22 F, ARE YOU SATISFIED, ALICE?). It had been cold.

But at -15 I don't have to worry about Eleanor's exposed skin for a quick trip to the backyard, plus we had snow pants to try out.

SNOW. You scoop it.

You throw it.

You fall down in it.

You sit and wait for help, because you are so bundled.

You stonk through it (stonk, stonk, stonk).

And then you go back inside and your mum takes a picture of how hilarious your bum looks.

After snow, you have hot cocoa.

Those are the rules.

But you have to hold it like a grown-up. Your fingers go…through here.

Some days, this snow thing isn't so bad.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Photogenic but distractible.

My friend Alicia did a photo shoot with Eleanor and I, because she is trying to build her photography  business and also I hadn't seen her since she MOVED TO AUSTRALIA AND BACK, so we had chats.

And I figured I'd just post the best ones but they're ALL the best ones, so here are just…some. Eleanor can be tricky to photograph, because (as I mentioned a while ago) when you get her in a new environment she has to spend a while doing her Important Toddler Business.

Eleanor, look at Alicia!
Hold on, gotta pick up these leaves.

Eleanor, over here!
Wait, you guys, this is a very unusual leaf.

On the plus side, when you CAN get her to look up, she is like *face*

Or, equally as delightful, *face?*

And if you can SURPRISE her somehow (like by sneaking up on her), you get *FACE*

And if you can get a little white dog to be walking through the park at that time, you can at least get her Not Looking At The Ground.

I am framing this one for my wall.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

In summary.


She is basically making this face the entire time Papa pushes her on the swing.

And I am never, ever taking this skirt off. Ever.

See? (Also, whisk whisk whisk.)

She was just bent on taking those stairs by herself.

Here, Bogey. You may have a toy. I am learning sharing.

Uncles are for magic carpet rides.

Silence, while I serenade.

Oh look, Gigi, you can park here. (This was the first time I've ever been able to use 'with small child' parking and the parking lot was PACKED. It was triumphant.)

Yes, I will take this bear.

Would you like a muffin, Lady Mary? Sorry, Lady Edith, I don't have enough for you.

Papa was using his phone as a mirror to show her where the yogurt was. She is bad at mirrors (the yogurt was on the other side).

This is right after she misjudged a hand-hold and fell down ALL those stairs. My child.

Don't do it, E.

The height of boldness: gently patting Rufus' tail while he sits there like the placid beast he is.

She used this rake to make 'mashed potatoes' out of her grandparents' carpet for HOURS.

We visited Gigi at work and it was THRILLING for everyone involved.

You hide, Uncle Dar-Dar.


Girlfriend will get in your shoes.

And she will make you help.

Continuing our streak of someone getting sick, Eleanor came down with a cold the morning we left. Which is fine, because she ALSO continued her streak of never sleeping in public unless she is sick.

Such a good face, that face.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who doesn't love a good lie-down?

So many reasons to lie down.

Lying down because fairy princess.

Lying down because relaxing with cousin.

Lying down and refusing to take off ballerina skirt.

Lying down because wrapped in fur blanket.

Lying down because indoor stargazing (or something).

Lying down because still at airport, and so, so tired.

Lying down because home again at last.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

She's not picky about who she cuddles with, either.

I'll cuddle you.

Oh, and I'll cuddle you.

Sure, I'll cuddle you again!

And you.

And you.

Oooh, group cuddles!