Friday, March 31, 2017

Geneva has been sleeping under a quilt my mom made her, and it's been fine and it's bed-sized and everything but for some reason I am like, I need to buy this baby a proper blanket! Winter is coming! Eventually! Anyway, that has all been going very normal.

Nothing out of order here.

Yes, this is how persons sleep.

This is all highly regular.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


It's been a long spring break. We did a lot of things! But there's still so much day in the day, omg.

Somewhere in there we read a Fancy Nancy And Something To Do With Mermaids, I'm Not Always Paying Super Close Attention book, and Eleanor has been taken with the idea. 'Can we make tails, mom. Please can we make some tails.' Sure, we can make some tails.

So we went to the thrift store, found an old something 'mermaid-tail colored' in the scrap fabrics, and while the girls were napping, I banged out some tails. Don't look at them too closely.

Geneva, you glamorous beastie.

'Can we make crowns, mom? Do you have any seashells. Can we make crowns with seashells on them and wear all our jewelry and can you look through the summer things and find us each a tank top.'

We can do those things, yes.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

All dressed with places to go.

Eleanor asked me to drag out the costume trunk a while back, I like to put it away periodically when it seems like they're getting bored of it.

It took them so long to come around to the idea of wigs! I almost got rid of them all, but now they are all wigs, always.

These pictures are all taken from the same chair, in the corner by the window, because that's what I'm doing while they're dressing up. I am SITTING. Eleanor can put on all her own costumes, she can help Geneva with hers, they can do each other's velcro.

Geneva you are the saddest Zebra Bride I've ever seen.

We went to a Disney Princess Singalong at Decades Coffee shop last month, and I have BEEN to Decades, I know it is small, and also I am on facebook, I can see that 400+ people are 'interested' in the event. But we were trying to recapture something of our Saskatoon glory days, where princess appeared suddenly on the road when you were just trying to get to the splash park. Wear any old thing you can find in the trunk, I said.

We got there early, but the line-up was out the door. They were selling princess cake, princess lemonade, princess hot chocolate. We got a cookie shaped like a crown, and waited. Eleanor turned to me, remarking that we didn't have any 'exactly like' princess dresses. No we don't, I said. You had to put something together out of the bits you had, like Cinderella's mice.

Then the princesses arrived! The children swarmed! The mothers snapped at each other! 'Excuse me, I am trying to take a picture of my daughter with Ariel.' Ok! Lady, it's fine, they are gonna be here for like two hours.

I don't know if you can see Geneva in that picture, gazing lovingly up at Ariel. Or in this one, having squirmed away from me to go gaze lovingly at Cinderella. That child cut in SO many lines, due to smallness, but all she ever wanted was a hug.

Or in this one, gazing lovingly at Tiana. All the princesses were in their Beginning Of The Movie drudge clothes, so that sometimes I was like...I think that's Belle?

The lighting was terrible everywhere except in the Elsa and Anna room, where it was also ten degrees colder ('because of Elsa's powers').

Every princess complimented Eleanor on her fine blue hair, on her cat mask, on her whatever that weirdo dress is. Those princesses are so danged great. By the time we left, I don't think she cared that she didn't have a Disneydress, she was so high on her life.

And then tonight we had the cousins over while the trunk was still out, for the first time since they visited us in Saskatoon (you may recall)

It went splendidly.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Oh hi

It's me. I know. But the main reason I posted was for my family, and now I see them all the time.

But now I post for Josie, and for myself when I want to look back and reminisce. So I'm trying. It's just that our days are like: Took Eleanor to preschool, brought Geneva home so she could play with all of Eleanor's toys. Took Eleanor to preschool, took Geneva to gymnastics. Took Eleanor to gymnastics. Took Eleanor to preschool, took Geneva to the grocery store.

But spring break! So last week, Eleanor was at an athletic fundamentals camp (we've been calling it 'sportsball camp') but in the next town over, and I hate driving JUST ENOUGH that I won't drive the half-hour home, so Geneva and I have been bopping around Abbotsford, land of my early 20s. Just havin a starbucks,

hitting a thrift store,

hitting a more different thrift store,

finding a 'diant squeyyel' in a library (Geneva that is a chipmunk omg),

reading to a fake doggo at that same library,

finding an Irish polar bear (what) at a more different library,

sitting in a hand-chair at that same library ('dis chair is holdin me!'),

havin a muffin,

havin a tea.

Now it's WEEK TWO of spring break, how is spring break two weeks long BUT we have already been to see a magic show and Eleanor is exactly the right age for terrible puns and chicken-butt jokes.