Saturday, April 25, 2015

Frozen festiwaffles.


So we woke up and it was freezing-raining, and I was like, Good thing that indoor agriculture festival is on today.

It's not, like, an amazing festival, but there are a bunch of booths and food samples and the kids get a passport and they take it from booth to booth and get stamps.

You end up with a bunch of random shit, like this stressball chicken Eleanor is super in love with.

And then, obviously, there is face painting.

I don't know if they were asked to use up the neon paints or if the girl was just asleep at the switch when she got started and felt like she had to keep going in the same vein, but Eleanor is ended up just the most neon baby chick ever.

The most neon baby chick ever is into it, so whatever. 

The Most Neon Baby Chick also got a free burger.

The Most Neon Baby Chick held a bug.

The Most Neon Baby Chick checked out the fuzzy baby regular-colored chicks.

The Most Neon Baby Chick drove a caveman car.

The Most Neon Baby Chick kept her stress-cow safe from the snow that the freezing rain had turned into.

The Most Neon Baby Chick wiped her face and went to bed.

And when she woke up, and Geneva woke up, and everyone was cranky and I was like, LET'S FACETIME YOUR PAPA AND GIGI and Eleanor was like, YES, I will tell them about my baby chick face, and then the power went out because we had like so many snow by this point.

And I texted Josie all, Hey, you guys still have power? And she texted back like, Do you not? DO YOU NEED TO COME OVER FOR WAFFLES?

And I had nothing in my house except berries we had picked up that morning, so at least we didn't have to show up at the door empty-handed like poor relations, and Josie saved us from having to eat a supper of berries and, like, cheese or whatever else you don't have to heat up, and our downstairs neighbor got the garage door open so we could LEAVE, and I drove all the way to Josie's in the total anarchy that is Circle Drive When All The Traffic Lights Are Out and no one crashes, and by the time we got home, the power was back on so we could heat our house up and not DIE in the frozen night, and also this is a thing that's been happening all day.


No I amn't.

Friday, April 24, 2015

And lo, now I am 33.

Drift Sidewalk Cafe made me (and Eleanor) a strawberry and goat cheese crepe, with chocolate sauce. 

Geneva had steamed carrots. SHE AIN'T WISE TO IT. 

Yesterday Me made lunch for Today Me. Mogul Divan made me dinner (and Joel and Eleanor picked it up). 

The farmer's market made me a tiny cake. 

It was thick with caramel and walnuts inside. I couldn't decide on just the cake, though, so I also bought the world's tiniest cherry pie. 

All this not-cooking gave me time to hang out with my little hooligans. 

Good birthday, in all.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eight and still ticking.

Eight years ago today, Joel and I got together to make faces with our nearest and dearest, all while impossibly well-dressed.

Seven years ago, we were living in Abbotsford and going to 80s parties because that's what you did in 2008.

Six years ago, we were living in Victoria and going on accidental staycations because we are bad at maps.

Five years ago, we were STILL living in Victoria and I had cancer and then I didn't and then we went to the Olympics. It was a big year for us.

Four years ago, we were STILL living in Victoria. Bonkers, right? We felt super Victorian by this point.

Also, you'd never know it (I didn't know it) but I'm like three weeks pregnant in that photo.

Which is how, three years ago, we ended up living in my parents' house, being all like HOW DO YOU BABY.

Eleanor isn't sure either.

Two years ago, we were living in Calgary being like, HOW DO YOU BABY WITH ALL THIS WINTER THOUGH.

Last year, we had moved to Saskatoon and were like, HA HA THAT WASN'T A WINTER THIS IS A WINTER THOUGH.

Also, I was mega pregnant. Like, really very huge, at this time.

Since then we have added a whole other person to our family.

And had the longest, hardest summer, baaaasically all of which is a blur.

And we went camping and it was great, and then we went camping again and it was insanely cold.

And my parents and my sister and her baby came to visit.

And Joel's parents came to visit, and fall did its fall thing where it's just super warm and pretty and you're like, What winter.

And we boiled Geneva in a cauldron because October is basically one long Halloween celebration up in here.

Also we went to Cuba just like real quick, and brought Geneva but left Eleanor and it was AMAZING and TRAGIC and AMAZING.

And then we had Christmas and then Eleanor turned three and how is she even that old, I ask you.

We went home for visits,

we went to Palm Springs,

and between one thing and another, we have made it to spring.

Now summer lies ahead of us, with all of its glory, and summers and summers and summers to come. Eight years married! Not yet divorced, and neither of us has died. We are doing so well by ourselves.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fixed that.

I solved that Geneva problem I was having.

Baby on my back while I do my make-up. Baby on my back while I chop some onions. Baby on my back while we blow bubbles in the yard because I can't put her down because of how badly she wants to find and eat some rabbit poops. 

Baby back. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sibling Day.

Yesterday was Sibling Day. 

I have good siblings. 

Having two kids sort of works me over sometimes. 

But I'm so glad these two each have a sibling. 

Still can't get them to roar at the same time, though.