Thursday, October 12, 2006

blognerdia, increase!!

not only can i now link to things from my blog (which jane taught me) and post videos on my blog (which jer taught me), but i have finally discovered a way to check all my favorite blogs at once, without having to view the same, un-updated drudgery day in and day out. it's called bloglines, folks, and here is where you can get your very own. just lay down your favorite sites, and bloglines will check them every number-of-minutes-as-yet-undetermined-because-i-don't-much-care. now, instead of scrolling through blogs, i just check just the one page to see what (if anything) is new. it's saved me a minute and thirty-eight seconds (i timed it) of my life, which might not seem like much, but that's eleven minutes and forty-three seconds a week, forty-nine minutes a month, and almost ten hours a year.

thanks, bloglines. you may send me my cheque now.

1 comment:

alan.schram said...

Another option that you have is using Google reader. Apparently recent revisions have pushed it past bloglines in terms of sweetblognerdiness, but I wouldn't know because I don't use either.