Sunday, October 15, 2006

nerdly lucre

i deserve coke-bottle glasses and braces, pants that ride too high, and those t-shirts with the native-american-motif wolf, because i am rampagingly, unashamedly geeky.

i like to dissect words into their latin and greek parts. i like to excavate their origins, and it is to this end that i read books like 'mother tongue: english and how it got that way' and regularly visit sites like 'common errors in english' and 'take our word for it.'

for the most part, my dork complex only pays off when playing balderdash, but finally, FINALLY, i have received some sort of financial recompense for my attention to bad grammar and devotion to geekspeek sites.

thank you, thailand zoo, for neglecting the editing process, and making my $10 possible.


Michael said...

Congratulations!! Nerds of the world unite, there is hope!

Thanks Raych, now I believe that it is in fact a good thing to be a geek, no matter what people think of me. You are truly inspiring.

Jerami said...

i dont see how it takes being a geek to laugh at the people of thailand's poor translation skills on zoo signs.

alan.schram said...

Don't live to geek.

Geek to live.

Robyn Bishop said...

Rachel, you could make a living selling articles to Mennonite newsletters and pictures to nerdy websites. At ten dollars a shot, you're on your way to becoming independantly wealthy. Then doctors would want to marry YOU.
Call me sometime, we should hang out again.

boo said...

ah sheesh, if buying the Dictionary of Quotes and receiving the Doctory Dictionary Word-of-the-day is geeky, then hop on the bandwagon because this train is bound for glory. One thing I've learned in life is that if someone does not have one iota of geek in them then they are not worth talking to. What makes us stand alone is what makes us interesting.
Oh, and nose hair.