Summer Bucket List

  • Have an early dinner and then bike down to River Landing --
  • Buy Eleanor a bike or a scooter or something else wheelie --
  • Make banana splits --
  • Go to the Ex --
  • Go to Canada Day in Diefenbaker --
  • Go to Ribfest --
  • Go to A Taste of Saskatoon --
  • Go camping --
  • Run through the sprinklers --
  • Build a water wall --
  • Make watermelon juice --
  • Go to the massive playground by the zoo --
  • Go to the zoo --
  • Visit the pelican statue --
  • Get ice cream from the bus --
  • Make our own ice cream --
  • Go to the River Landing splash park --
  • Go to Josie's splash park --
  • Find a new splash park --
  • Go the Berry Barn for berry picking and waffles

Monday, October 09, 2006

in which i continue to attempt video postings

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Nater said...

Ok, I laughed out loud. It doesn't really take much, but good on ya. (really, it doesn't take much. In one of our youth events we had a talent show, and a category of judging was the "Make Nate Laugh" factor. Everyone did pretty well, especially those that exaggerated their air guitars).