Monday, October 30, 2006

for pteradactyl's sake

so, back in my college days, if someone made a statement of fact that wasn't common knowledge, like 'david and jonathan were lovers' or 'hezekiah had a pitt bull,' someone else might pipe up with 'state your source!' wherein the first person would be required to qualify how they knew what they knew. this has trickled down into my daycare.

- miss rachel, the biggest muffin in the world is from here to the roof!

- state your source! how do you know?

- i saw it on tv.

- miss rachel, cats is faster than dogs.

- state your source! how do you know?

- i saw a dog chasing a cat, but him didn't catch her.

and then today...

- hey kids, we're having salad for snack today.

- stegasorus, miss rachel, how do you know!?!?!

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