Monday, October 09, 2006

thanksgiving day is many things...

...but there are many things it is not.

it is not a day to go out for dinner and sit in my section and be rude to me and ask where your food is FOUR MINUTES AFTER IT HAS BEEN ORDERED because you've already been waiting twenty minutes in the lobby because the restaurant is packed and where the hell are your families, people!?!?

it is not a day to order a lime margarita when you wanted a lemon water, and then to look at me like i'm an idiot when i bring you the margarita, because even though, when i said 'ok, so one lime margarita, one glass of water with lemon, and one bottle of canadian?' you said yes, what you meant was 'no, don't make that margarita, because that will be a waste of two ounces of vodka and a minute and a half of your time.'

it is not a day to not show up for work and to leave us down two servers.

it is not a day to bring your squalling babies out in public.

it is not a day to complain about the three squalling babies, like i can do something about it.

most of all, it is a day of thanks, and of giving...particularly of giving the $9.93 you owe me for ordering and consuming onion rings. it is not a day to pull a soulless manouver we in the business call a D&D (dine and dash, for the uninitiate).

three things i'm thankful for, jane?
1. i'm thankful that i didn't work on saturday.
2. i'm thankful that i didn't work on sunday.
3. i'm thankful that i didn't work for most of today.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Rachel. I love you. Some time in the month of October either I will journey to Burnaby, or perhaps you might have an adventure to Abbotsford, in either case... I'd like a date. It doesn't have to be long, and I don't expect a kiss when I drop you off, but I'd like one none the less :)


Anonymous said...

The date.... not the kiss....

raych said...

i assumed as much. you will have your date, jacks.