Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fake gymmers

Ok, I was going to put an end to this 'things I hate' stretch because who needs that kind of negativity when it's raining like it is? But then I went to the gym today, and there was this girl in thick eyeliner, a tight, LOW-cut tank top and these spandy-pants that were a whisper away from showing off her ladybits, and that reminded me of another thing that I hate.

Because, see, I'm a serious gymmer. I go to the gym to work out, and I would happily work out in a t-shirt and sweats but then I overheat and my nose bleeds. So I wear a tank top and shorts, but my goal is comfort and ease of movement and MAN do I look it. I am not trying to catch myself a beefcake. All I want to do is shrink my muffin tops and go home.

And it's fine by me if you come to the gym straight from class or work or whatever in full make-up (which is, incidentally, why you're breaking out so much, because sweating causes your pores to open up and then make-up falls into them), and if you're more comfortable in your spandy shorts or your lululemon pants, that's cool too. I'm not one to judge, and I don't mind that you look good.

But I doubt that those giant hoop earrings are helping your performance, and I doubt that skate shoes are comfortable to run in, and I doubt that your girls feel secure, spilling out of your top like they do. I mean, you look hot. You really do. And that's fine. I just want you to get off my damn treadmill, because I am here for reals.


Jane said...

What? That's it? The "things I hate" stretch only lasted for three days?

Come on, try harder.

ramblin'andie said...

You're trying to counteract my "things I love" threesome, aren't you?!

I hate fake gymmers too. Especially the ones who come and hog the elliptical, wearing their tear away pants which are only held up with strategically placed safety pins (proudly displaying their unmentionables for the whole gym to see) and talking on their frikken cell phones while they barely try to get the pedals up and down.

Can't they strut their stuff in the lobby or something so the rest of us can get a workout in?!