Thursday, February 14, 2008

Return of the Camera, Pt. II

And then I lost camera privileges because I very obviously wasn't taking any candid shots, like I was supposed to be doing, and so my mom went around snapping pictures of people mid-sentence or from far away and the only really good photos are this one (the bridesmaids were practicing their shoes) and this one (so were the groomsmen). (So were me and boo. Boo says I have the feet of a Texas hooker. But I don't.)

H'anyvays, then me and boo stole the camera back and took unflattering shots of ourselves from beneath

and action shots of us blinking

We manually corrected the flaws in our noses (hers is too long and mine is too blobby)

And tried to capture on film just how much shorter Tom is than Nathan (answer: a lot).

AND we took some candid shots. Check it.

Not totally useless after all.

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